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Trance In Progress

Каждую среду месяца с 21:00 до 22:00 МСК радиошоу Trance In Progress с Alexsed

active DJ(over 30years behind the decks:)), remixer(White Label(UK), producer, host of global radio project called "Trance in Progress" - new and the most interesting new releases in trance and progressive music world (the signature of this 1hour weekly show is Alexsed's mashups - over 200 of them been made so far, and quickly gained listeners support by being included in pretty much every T.I.P. episode:), tested by clubbers locally and globally, and lots of them been supported by producers of original tracks)





For more info, please, visit some websites Alexsed's on: (T.I.P. podcast page) (T.I.P. episodes, promo sets, guest mixes) (competition sets, promo sets) (promo sets, guest mixes) (early promo sets) (early sets of T.I.P., promos) (early promo sets, sink with soundcloud page sets)

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